Backup services

Assure your continued production in disruptive situations anywhere in the world by making an agreement with Trafomic for Backup services. Contact us during the planning phase, study our models and make sure of their suitability. By choosing a Trafomic component as an alternative in your parts list, you assure continued production even when there are disturbances in the supply chain.

Why choose a Trafomic component to assure continuity?

Because our production is able to react quickly to unexpected needs. In our own warehouses we have materials in multi-use form, from which we can mass produce a large number of product variants. Aided by automation, we have sufficient capacity for large volumes and we have a world-wide delivery network to assure material deliveries. On a case-by-case basis we can agree to be a backup warehouse for critical materials.
For example, an American customer concentrated production in Asia and we delivered by running our production line in Raisio on three shifts over Christmas.