Ferrite core transformers

FerriittimuuntajaWe produce ferrite core transformers and chokes for various purposes. We use all industry standard core types and in addition we have our own bobbins for transformers intended for power supplies. With these we can achieve safety standard requirements even in small transformer sizes, in addition those are suited to automated production. With the aid of our flexible production automation, we can deliver small or large volumes quickly and economically.

It is recommendable to be in contact with us already in the design phase so that we can find the best solutions.

If the principle market for your product is outside of Europe, you should consider our “Take Cover” process, through which volume production can be assured in lower cost countries.


 E13  (pdf) (26 Kt)

 E20 (pdf) (63.38 Kt)

 E21 (pdf) (105.56 Kt)

 E25 (pdf) (68.11 Kt)

 E30 (pdf) (61.71 Kt)

 ETD29 (pdf) (74.23 Kt)

 ETD39 (pdf) (76.2 Kt)

 ETD44 (pdf) (62.26 Kt)

 ETD49 (pdf) (89.18 Kt)